Yen Ching Cuisine

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True to its Northern China roots, Yen Ching specializes in Mandarin, Hunan, and Sichuan cuisine. 

These authentic dishes are made with fresh ingredients and, combined with years of experience, offer customers a taste of China in a full dining experience.

Mandarin Cuisine

Known as Jing or Beijing cuisine, Mandarin cuisine consists of the traditional staples from China’s capitol city.  Accompanying many Mandarin dishes are scallions, cucumbers and delectable sauces.  A few favorites include roast duck, vegetable and meat filled dumplings, known as pot stickers, dipped in soy sauce and vinegar, and soft, pillowy steamed bread called “bao”.  In addition, Yen Ching serves Beijing’s best-known culinary export, Peking Duck, a specialty that requires ordering 24 hours in advance. 

Hunan Cuisine

Hunan cuisine is characterized by hot and sour flavors. Situated in the subtropical rice growing region in Northern China, rice and rice noodles are the staple foods.  With the province’s hot summers and chilly, humid winters, Hunan cuisine focuses on a blend of red peppers and spices to balance out the excessive cold and humidity.  Accompanying hot peppers and spices are often green onions combined with vinegar, shallots, and ginger seasoning an assortment of sautéd pork, fish, chicken, and vegetables.

Sichuan Cuisine

Sichuan cuisine, also spelled Szechuan, offers some of the most famous Chinese dishes known around the world.  Located in the southwestern region of China, Sichuan dishes are characterized by “The Five Fragrances”, consisting of fennel, pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, and clove along with chili and Sichuan pepper.  Known for their hot, spicy, and rich flavors, Sichuan staples include Mapo Tofu, minced meat and tofu in a hot and spicy bean based sauce, and The General’s Chicken, which is tangy spicy chicken with a side of broccoli—a customer favorite.

Click here for the Yen Ching menu.

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bēi lounge is Yen Ching’s newest addition and offers a modern Asian vibe to Boise’s bar scene downtown.  Located at the Yen Ching address, bēi lounge is set in a relaxing atmosphere and provides a classy, fusion-ness energy for a real east meets west experience.

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bēi lounge is an ideal meetup for locals as well as frequent travelers doing business in the City of Trees. While Yen Ching provides its patrons with the traditional Chinese favorites, bēi lounge is complete with its own food and beverage menu offering its customers a first class experience with affordable prices.


bēi lounge offers an extensive list of beers and wines, including a few local selections.  For those with an Asian flare, the signature Lychee Martini or Japanese Sake might be in order. Hungry patrons can enjoy bēi lounge’s appetizers, such as the pajeon seafood pancake, a savory treat with an addictive dipping sauce or even a full meal, such as bibimbap, a Korean rice bowl with sautéed and seasoned vegetables topped with an egg and accompanied with a semi-sweet chili pepper paste. 

Happy hour includes $4 draft beers, $4.5 well drinks, and $6 house wines from 4pm to 6pm Monday through Friday and 3pm to 6pm on Saturday (closed Sunday).

Click here for the bēi lounge menu.

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